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We are a small group of people located in Brisbane (capital of Queensland, Australia) who wish to try and dispel the myth that life does not continue after death.  We attempt to collect information to back this belief by capturing the images of spirits in photos, recording sounds produced by the spirits of the dead on audio tape, and thoroughly investigating any cases of suspected hauntings that we come across. This can only be achieved by frequenting places where spirit activity is likely to be present such as cemeteries and old historic sites.  Some people may call our ventures sick and twisted, but this is not the case.  We are not grave robbers, and the thought of vandalising graves would never enter our heads. We have a great respect for the dead, and intend to keep it that way. It may be better to think of us as historians or observers - not only do we 'hunt' spirits, but we also make note of the history of Brisbane and try to pass this knowledge on to others.

At present, the Brisbane Ghost Hunters consists of 8 members, all who share the same passion to discover the secrets of the spirit world.  We try and meet regularly, and when we are all available we venture out into the field to try and collect data on the existence of spirits.  At present, investigations are a little slow, as the number of cases of hauntings sent in to us have slowed somewhat, although we still go out on field trips whenever it is possible.  Therefore, the construction of this page (photos, sounds etc.) will depend on the amount of time we are able to spend out and about.  Therefore, it would be much appreciated if those of you out there (preferably from around Brisbane, or further afield) could contribute to our investigations of the unknown.  If you have any true stories or photos, they would be greatly appreciated, and you can get in contact with me here. We all thank you for your support and understanding, and in future hope to provide you with information that may testify to life beyond the grave.