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In this section, I will try and list the most easily accessible haunted places in the Brisbane area that are open to the public.  I will not, however, list addresses of homes that are still occupied, as we are all entitled to our privacy and I don't want people creeping around private houses in the middle of the night hoping to stir up a ghost. The only thing you will stir up will be the anger of the owners and in turn most probably the Police.  So please - if you decide to check out any haunted places, make sure they are able to be accessed legally, without injury or disturbance to others.  I recommend public places as these are usually easy to get to and you will have the freedom to walk around, without trespassing.

City Hall: Brisbane City Hall is probably the last place you would think of being haunted, although many who have worked there and have visited have seen things they cannot explain.  The Hall is reported to be the home to at least 3 ghosts.  One is of a female spirit who is usually seen on the main staircase or at the top of the stairs overlooking the foyer.  The second is of a workman who is linked to the lift, after being killed back in the 1930's.  The third is said to reside in the Red Cross Tea Room, and is supposedly the ghost of an American sailor killed by another sailor after a fight over an Australian girl.  Apparently, every now and then people in the rooms nearby can here the sounds of an argument, the sound of a knife being drawn and the gruesome sounds of the sailor being murdered.  Although there are no ghost tours through City Hall, there are normal tours which may include tales of the hauntings.  Tours are held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with bookings taken on (07) 3225 4890.

Newstead House: This historic house was built in 1846 on the banks of the Brisbane River.  It is a restored period homestead with formal gardens, large verandahs, antique furniture and period exhibits.  Most occurrences here are fairly low key, with strange sounds such as doors opening and closing and at times footsteps can be heard in various parts of the house.  The main ghostly presence is believed to be that of a woman, most probably a maid, who would have worked in the house some time ago.  She is harmless, being responsible for moving items about the house.  If specific items are placed somewhere before closing, at times they are found relocated to different sections of the house at opening time.  Newstead House can be found on Breakfast Creek Road in Newstead and is open Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.

Brisbane Arcade: Brisbane Arcade is a beautifully restored shopping arcade in the city.  It runs from the Queen Street Mall through to Adelaide Street and has two floors.  The ground floor cuts between the two streets, however the second floor consists of a balcony that runs its way around the walls of the building with the centre cut out to look back down onto the first floor.  Quite a bit of work has been done on the restoration process, with a wood finish and beautiful cast iron latticework on the second floor.  Rumour has it that the ghost of a shopkeeper still walks the arcade on the second level, and has been seen by the arcade security guards on numerous occasions.  After her death, her shop was closed, however she decided to remain and keep a watchful eye on the place!

Old Government House: This is the present day headquarters of the National Trust of Queensland, but used to be the Governor's office up until 1910.  Built in 1860, it is a huge mansion with beautifully sculptured gardens.    It is believed to be haunted by the ghost of George Ferguson Bowen who died in 1899 in England, although the number of times he has visited the Old Government House is unknown. Even though he died in England, it is possible that he returned here due to his connection with this building in life.  It can be found at the end of George Street next to the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point campus.

Parliament House: This historic building has been the seat of power in Brisbane since 1868 when it was built.  It is a beautiful sandstone building with a very plush interior.  It is believed to be haunted by three ghosts.  One of the ghosts just moves about the building as he would have done long ago.  The Speakers Room is thought to be home to another ghost, who in life committed suicide by shooting himself in this room.  The third has also been seen moving about the place, believed to be the spirit of a man who also died within Parliament House in 1879.  It can be found on the corner of George and Alice Streets in the city, and tours of the building are available when Parliament is not in session.

Boggo Road Gaol: One of Brisbane's old prisons, it is no surprise that there are ghosts residing here.  Boggo Road was closed down only a few years ago, and now lies empty.  Although there is a possibility that many ghosts reside here, one of the most believed is that of Ernest Austin, convicted of murder and hanged within the prison walls in 1913.  Gaurds of the prison kept fairly tight lipped about the strange occurrences within the prison, although one guard made an official report about a ghostly form he saw one night while doing his rounds.  Further research has found that over the 80 years the prison was open after Austin was hanged, there were many sightings, although none bar one were ever officially reported.  Most were just passed around the guards as lunchtime stories.  Austin was most commonly seen in the area that was once the gallows, however has now moved across to Number 2 Division, the only remaining section of the prison.  Boggo Road can be found in Dutton Park.

The Plough Inn: The Plough Inn near Southbank at East Brisbane may seem like a very innocent pub, although it has its fair share of ghostly stories too.  Built in the late 1800's, the Plough Inn has been one of Brisbane's favourite historical nightspots for many years.  The owners of the Inn believe the ghost to be that of a girl who was strangled in the building in the 1920's when the area was still fairly rough.  Nobody has actually seen her, although many have heard her voice around the building.  Her favourite part of the Inn is around guest room 7, although she has been heard in other parts of the Inn.  The Plough Inn can be found at Southbank in East Brisbane and is open when you would expect a Hotel to be open.