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This page contains the EVP's that we have been able to record on our investigations.  Unfortunately, these are fairly hard to come by however we hope to slowly build up the number of recordings.  EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is usually recorded on a normal audio tape.  However, they can also be recorded on any instrument that will pick up sound such as a video camera.  Many are not heard with the ear, although when the tape is played back, the sounds are audible on the magnetic tape.  With these EVP's, I have run them through a basic amplification filter as well as a noise reduction filter in order to try and cut down on the background noises as well as the static sound created by wind.  I have not altered these in any way, shape or form to try and make them sound more convincing which is a common trick among many other ghost hunting societies out there.  We figure that a sample run through 48 filters after being sped up by 15 times and then dropped in pitch saying hello most probably is nothing but background noise.  After this treatment, a bark from a dog could be made to sound like 'Have a nice day'!  If ghosts really wanted to pass on a message, wouldn't they just give it to you in a form that was easy to hear?  That's why we put them on the system as we hear them, with only minor adjustments to make them a litte clearer.

'Hello' - Chapel Hill Cemetery, August 12, 1998