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In this section, I will try and list the most easily accessable outdoor haunted places in the Brisbane area. Unlike most other spirits and phantoms, there has been the occasional report of ghosts that enjoy haunting open areas. These areas include a variety of parks, tunnels and roads. If you know of any more that I can add to the list, please email your suggestions to me here.

Victoria Park: The story of the Victoria Park ghost is probably the most famous "haunting" in Brisbane's history. The site of this tale has recently been destroyed by the new Inner-City Bypass, however the tale will live on in the minds of those who were lucky enough to play a part in the week-long saga. As the story goes, a ghost was spotted by some children one night in a tunnel beneath the rail line below the modern day swimming complex off Gregory Terrace in Brisbane. The following night, a group of children crept down in the hope of spotting this spook. One little boy who lagged behind was unlucky enough to be "mesmerised" by the spectre, and was dragged up to the Royal Brisbane Hospital by his friends, who feared he had been possessed. The ensuing tale made newspaper headlines the next day and within a short period of time, thousands of people were lining both sides of the tunnel in the hope of catching a glimpse of the ghost. Needless to say, the ghost never appeared and the whole incident was put down to childish imagination, although the children swear they did see something that night which, interestingly enough, was also seen on other occasions many years before and since - you decide!

Spook Hill: There seems to be a few hills with a mysterious nature around Brisbane, however this one holds the record for being the best known of its kind. There are a few different sites in the vicinity believed to be the 'real' Spook was even graded flat in order to try and stop bring an end to this mystery. This site holds the same qualities as the famed hill in Toowong cemetery along 12th Avenue. Admittedly, there are no reports of ghostly sightings along this road, however there does appear to be some paranormal force at work. Legend has it that if a car is parked facing up hill, it will begin to roll upwards if the handbrake is taken off while the car is in neutral. This hill has been visited for years by curiousity seekers, who have discovered that the myth is actually fact! Some say that this mysterious force is no more than a huge magnetic lodestone that exists below the ground in the area, magnetically pulling cars up the hill, however no scientific evidence has ever been put forward to back this theory!

Archerfield Airport: The ghost who resides here has been seen by many residents of the area. There have been a few sightings within the ariport grounds themselves, however the majority of sightings take place along the road outside the airport. During the war, Archerfield was used heavily by the airforce, and a number of airforce planes were stationed here. Rumour has it that one large plane went down on the site, resulting in the death of the pilot and crew. Ever since, a lone pilot, dressed in full flight equipment (parachute, jacket, goggles and cap), has been seen walking through the site and most commonly along Beatty Road as you pass by the airport. Some even say that as they pass by, this spectral pilot will acknowledge them with a wave and a smile. Some who have seen the pilot have even been aksed to look through yearbook photos from the era in an attempt to identify the mysterious figure - pointing out the exact pilot that was killed in the crash!