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This photo was taken by Saxon Gamble at Toowong
Cemetery on the 20th of September 1998. He used a
digital camera. Saxon says: "I was at Toowong
Cemetery driving around the roads within it with some
friends (something different to deal with a hangover from
the Saturday night) and just before we left we found this
headstone. Fortunately I had my digital camera
(that I tend to carry everywhere anyway) and got this
image. All five of us in the car were quite amazed by the
detail of what looks to us like a face on the back of it.
What's more it looks like a man's face. It's the grave of a
man and his wife." This photo has not been touched
up in any way. Is it merely a strange stain on the back
of the tombstone, or is it something far spookier than that?