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This photo was taken by Michelle Crowe from Western
Australia.  The camera used was a Pentax IQZoom EZY
Auto focus with a 38-70mm lens with Kodak 400 speed
film. She took this picture while holidaying in Europe
(Spain to be exact). Michelle says: "I took many
photos as you can imagine, but there is one in particular
of a wall in Spain that had many bullet holes in it during
the execution periods, which only stopped 80 years ago.
Anyway this particular day was overcast and we were
in a court yard and being Europe the walls are very high
and no trees for miles. Both my friend and myself do not
recall any light shining on this wall in any form. I have
since spoken to another 3 people from the tour and they
are all convinced that there was no light on that wall
that day, not the way it is showing anyhow. Well myself
and a few other people can see apparitions in the photo
of many faces and of a man standing with his right hand
to his mouth as if in prayer. The light is also oddly shaped
in blotches like the effect you would get from light shining
through trees, but there were no trees." The photo
scanned in above shows the apparition of the man,
with an outline below. The light effect on the wall is also
very unusual, concidering there were no shadows cast
on the wall when the photo was taken. When looking at the
actual photo, the detail is incredibly clear...I would even
guess that the man has a beard! Unfortunately, it is a little
harder to see on the scanned image. What do you think?