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This photo was taken at a friend's house, which we
definitely know to be haunted. It was taken using Kodak
Gold 400 speed film with a Canon EOS 800 camera with
a 35-70mm lens. On the night this picture was taken,
there had been alot of activity. No other photos on the
roll show anything major except for this one. For starters,
the light source in the first room inside the door is nowhere
near powerful enough to produce this intensity of light.
Secondly, the bedroom door was closed and the light
was turned off, yet when you look through the windows
and the inside blinds, the light appears to be turned on.
Thirdly, patches of light seem to be covering numerous
things in the photo, such as the two people, the stairs and
the railings. And forthly (which is the strangest part of the
photo), the shadow of the man's arm standing in the
doorway is pretty much an impossible thing. The light
source coming from the photographer's direction was
from a flash. However, the shadow behind the arm would
indicate a light source coming from a higher position
further to the right of the photographer. Also, the wall that
the shadow appears to be falling on is in fact about 15 metres
from the doorway. But even then, the shadow appears to be
falling on a flat surface just behind the arm. The light from
the flash would not be powerful enough to throw the shadow
that far, and street lights outside the house are obstructed
by a number of trees on the footpath. This is not the photo
of a ghost, but definitely a photo showing ghost activity.