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This photo was taken by David Colborne around the back of Boggo Road Gaol at 11:30 at night.The photo was taken with a digital camera, a Kodak DC3200. David says, "I heard a strange noise coming from inside a grill right before I took a picture. At first I wasn't freaked out because I thought it was a person in there trying to scare me, but the more I think about it I don't see why someone would do that. There are some strange white circles in the picture so I thought I would send it to you for a look. Perhaps they are orbs like you talk about. Maybe just reflections or something but freaky all the same. There is one particular white spot you will be able to see which is very bright plus there are some dimmer things above it near the metal bar. There is even a circlular thing inside the grill. I went back the next day and there was no white paint or anything on the bricks like I suspected, so I don't know where the white spot came from. Perhaps a ghost!"