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The only thing that is more mysterious than the night world of Brisbane are the eerie sounds that eminate from the darkness. Many people new to the process of ghost hunting have been turned off the activity for good due to the strange sounds they have experienced while out in the field. While there are sounds that are truly ghostly and unexplainable, there are also sounds that you may hear that have a perfectly earthly source. Here, we will list some of those sounds so that ghost hunters can distinguish between true paranormal sounds and those normal nightime sounds that are common in the environment of Brisbane.

Curlews: This is possibly the most common sound heard while out in the field. Although the sound that eminates from this bird may seem paranormal in origin, it is common to find these birds moving about at night in search of food in grassy, open areas...and what better grassy, open areas than cemeteries! The birds themselves grow quite large, and can become aggressive when protecting their young, so it is a good idea to give them plenty of room if you can spot them in the dark!

Koalas: These creatures can usually be seen sitting in the forked branches of Eucalypt trees during the day resting, however they become more active at night. Sounding similar to a large bush pig, these animals grunt and groan as they move about marking their territory and looking for a mate.

Possums: A nocturnal animal, possums come out to forage at the same time many ghost hunters venture out on their investigations. Possums produce a very similar sound to that of the koala above, grunting loudly. This sound is common in any area or cemetery that has been heavily landscaped or overgrown, as the possums love the thick tree cover.

Flying Foxes: The sound of these creatures is more common in Spring and Summer while the trees are flowering and fruit is plentiful. Beginner ghost hunters could be forgiven in thinking that their unearthly shrieking is related to some tormented spirit in between the tombstones, but they are merely talking to each other and relaying information as to the best fruit trees in the area.