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This thing used to happen to me all the time constantly - it was actually really really scary when it happened.

It was at my old house that I used to live in with my parents. I used to have this ringing/buzzing noise inside my head that I would always hear just as I was drifting off to sleep or just as I woke up - whenever I heard the noise I always felt paralyzed or pinned down, it was really quite frightening.

On one particular night when I went to bed this sensation started happening to me again, at the same time I noticed that this strange light suddenly appeared on my cupboard door. My cupboard was on the opposite side of the room and had absolutely no light reflecting on it from the outside window or anything else just this strange light that came from nowhere. The light was in a strange undefined rectangular shape which went into a sort of point at the top. It kept flashing on and off and it would be dimmer everytime it flashed on, then suddenly it would return bright again. Along with the light flashing came this tapping sound which from what I could tell came from over near the cupboard as well. It would tap everytime the light flashed and it sort of sounded like someone tapping on plastic. I kept watching the light to see if it was flashing in any sort of pattern but I couldn't see any sort of pattern forming at all. Needless to say this whole experience was absolutely terrifying at the time. I was really starting to panic and decided to try and move to turn on the light beside my bed. It was nearly impossible to move any body part and I can't tell you what an effort it was to move my arm, which felt like lead, over to my bedside light.......from what I can remember this took all of 10 minutes to do. Finally I was able to reach the light and flick the switch on. The instant I did this everything disappeared - the ringing noise - the strange light - being unable to move - everything!! ...... the minute I was able to get up and move I went straight over to my window to see if anything could of been shining in the windows through the curtains to create this light ......I could see nothing, absolutely nothing....I looked around the room but there was nothing at all that could create this was totally unexplainable.

About two days after this event I noticed that my cat was acting strangely. As I approached her she would arch her back and spit at me - she seemed to be looking at something behind me, not straight at me. My entire family knew how I was my cats favorite person and she absolutely loved being with me and would never be frightened of me. I took her into my room which was also her favorite room (she would practically spend 24 hours a day there) but she acted even more horrified about being in my room and ran terrified from it every time we placed her in there. She continued to act this way for a couple of days and I was really wondering what was going on.

A few more days later my cat had calmed down and returned to her normal self. I was once again in bed just about to go to sleep and that strange sensation happened to me again - the ringing noise, being pinned down, but this time I could see no strange light on the cupboard door, I decided to try and fight the sensation and get rid of it but I discovered that this only seemed to make things worse. I suddenly felt the bed lift and drop sharply (about 3 or four times) and then my legs started lifting off the bed and rising up into the air - I couldn't believe what I was seeing and kept wondering if I was dreaming this or not - I looked around me and made sure of the fact that I was not dreaming all this. I was too frightened to watch anything else that might happen so I closed my eyes. Suddenly everything stopped and I re-opened my eyes to see what was going on. Everything seemed normal again and I turned on the light, the strange thing was that when I saw my legs lift into the air I could see them perfectly as bare legs but now that the light was on I noticed that my doonah was on and that I would of seen a doonah on top of them......I know I was awake and not asleep at the time but I can't explain why my legs were bare of the doonah when they rose up into the air.

I actually moved out of this room and into another room (not because of the strange experiences) and I found that I still had the ringing noise and the feeling of being pinned down but not any of the other strange things.

Later on when I'd gotten married and was living in a house of my own with my husband I was once again experiencing the ringing noise on a regular basis I used to just lie in bed and see what would happen if I would just relax and sort of "flow with it" but I started noticing that in the background of the ringing sound I could hear voices. Then one night when my husband was asleep and I was just about to sleep the ringing noise returned this time though I saw a black figure standing beside my bed. It was blocking the view of the bathroom (which I had from my side of the bed) so it was definitely there beside me and it seemed to be some sort of evil presence - it was such a terrifying experience - when the noise and everything stopped I just sat up in bed shaking for about 3 hours unable to sleep. That was the last of the strange things that have happened to me. I don't experience the sensation as much anymore (very rarely in fact) but after the dark figure appearing I'm terrified to think what the next thing will be.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia