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Uncle's Ghost

I was reading your page about Brisbane's Ghost Hunters and I saw that you can share true ghost stories well I will tell you mine. It was the night after my uncles funeral and I was having a bath. When I finish having a bath I always put my towel back on the rack. It was really weird because I came back into the bathroom I found that my towel wasn't on the rack. So the first thing I thought of was that my brother did it but he wasn't home and no one was home. So I went searching and I found it on the toilet seat. So I was worrying because if no one was home then it must bea ghost. So I didn't worry about it. But then when I went back into my room to study I saw my uncle that had died sitting on the end of my bed. I just froze with shock. Then he started moving towards me. Then as he was moving I was screaming and then he started to fade away. Then about 5 minutes after that my family arrived home. I told my mum about it but she wouldn't belive me. Now it hasn't happened again.

Submitted from: Unknown, Queensland, Australia