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Nightly Guest?

We have just moved to north Queensland after spending 7 months renting an old Queenslander in East Brisbane. We have never really believed in ghosts at all & I have never had anything to do with them although my husband has had a couple of experiences in NZ. This may not even be a ghost story but we'll tell you anyway & you might know. When we renting this house, we would leave the back sliding door open at night so our dog could go out for a pee or whatever. Shortly after we started doing this I would wake at night (maybe 1-2 times/week) sure that I had heard footsteps in the house. It's only a little house - with old wooden floorboards. I would lie in bed & listen to what sounded like a man with leather-soled shoes walking casually around the living room, like he was looking for something. I would get up & take a look and of course, never saw anything, but the footsteps would stop. I figured it was just my imagination - or the wind, or rats, or whatever. Never even thought about a ghost. Just before we left, our last night in the house (12 days ago) I once again heard the footsteps & woke up to find my husband had heard them too! This confirmed to me that I wasn't nuts! Also, after recounting this tale to some friends who had visited in October, one of them said she too had heard footsteps during the night & had actually gotten out of bed & moved her wallet thinking there was someone prowling. These friends had arrived at our house earlier in the day, when we weren't home, and had heard footsteps in the house & thought there was someone there. So? What do you make of that? IF it was a ghost I don't think it was a threatening one at all. I wish that I had made some enquiries about the history of the house but, well, we were leaving town.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia