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My Story

Through out my life odd, possible ghostly, things have happened and I was glad to find and buy a house that seemed to have no "feeling" to it at all. Just a simple 3 bedroom fairly attractive home, built in the 50s from brick. In our last place, an inner city flat, Whispering and voices could be heard most nights. I was dissapointed to find the whispering continued in our new home. Usually incompehensable whispers, sometimes words of sentnces spoken, almost yelled in the face. Often questions "why?" "wheres the doggy?" (we have 2 dogs) "What are you going to do?" These were most often at night but not always. I am the only one who hears these voices here. The roaring however is diferent and new. Aloud roar seems to rush towards you, into your face. The oddest thing is only some people seem to hear this very loud noise. My brother, his wife, my husband and myself were playing a computor came when 3 of us cleary heard this noise. My brothers wife did not. We have not been sleeping in the main bedroom for about 7 weeks as we have slowly been decorating it so none of the following has happened in that time. We hope it will not happen again when we shift back in. At least once a week when my husband was at his night job something would crawl into the bed. It behaved like my highland terrier, starting at the bottom of the bed and crawling up inside the covers and stopping at the top, still under the doona (quilt). My dog was always asleep in his own room with his sister. Once reaching the top the presure against me of the shape would fade away faily quickly. One night my husband was home, in the lounge watching tv. I was in bed. The some thing again crawled up the doona but this time I caught it in the doona. I dragged the doona, with this thing still wrapped up in it, into the lounge to my husband. We could both feel its heart beating. Wilh trepidation we opened the quilt up - there was nothing there There is a rumor amongst kids that the last owner killed his wife in the house but that really doesnt seem to be based on anything at all. It has been suggested this presence could be a baby, or something maskerading as a baby as we have been coming to terms with not having children. I dont know. Although I don't want personal corespondance I would be interested to read if people had comments to make posted on this page?

Submitted from: Gippsland, Victoria, Australia