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Bedroom Ghost

It occurred just a few years ago in Tampa, Florida, in the Thontosassa area. It started off simple enough you know, lights turning on by themselves, that kind of thing. The ghost even once turned on a pop corn popper. The ghost steadilly grew more aggressive and began to throw items across the room. Little things mostly, once it rolled my base ball down the stairs to me when I knew for a fact it was no where even close to the stairs. I believe that a Nexus line moved and just happened to cross right over my house. "Nexus line" is a path way that circles the earth and allows the spirits of the deceased to freely travel through but not travel out of. Some believe that Stonehenge was built on a Nexus line and was used for religious practice. However Stonehenge became obsolete when the Nexus line shifted position." One evening I felt someone or something lift my hand off of my chest, I could recognize two cold fingers holding the outside of my wrist. The hand continued to raise my wrist up to about 16 inches before it dropped it. My hand hit my chest and made a loud pop and I immediately opened my eyes. At first I noticed nothing, but soon after I noticed the sound of my cat purring. I then noticed the smoky shape of a figure standing above me. The ghostly figure faded away as quickly as i noticed it and I soon fell back into a deep slumber and the next day I decided not to sleep in that room again for a few nights. Two days later though, while in a deep sleep, I felt a cold hand gently push my jaw shut. I awoke but saw nothing. Since then I have seen a number of ghosts. If you are at all interested you can e-mail me at

Submitted from: Tampa, Florida, United States of America