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Morning Visitor

This incident started happening about 2 months ago, and I have been living in my apartment for over a year with nothing out of the ordinary ever happening. It was a Tuesday morning and my husband had left for work at 5am. I was in bed asleep. I was awakened by the sound of our front door open and close. I heard foot steps walk through the living room and into the kitchen. They were heavy sounding, so I thought it was my husband. He had probably come home sick, so I tried to call out his name, but no sound would come from my mouth. Then I tried to sit up, but my body suddenly felt as heavy as lead. I shut my eyes and when I opened them I could no longer hear the foot steps in the kitchen. I was also able to move and speak, so I called out my husbands name = I got no answer. I got out of bed and searched the house, but found no one. As I was returning to bed, the phone rang. I answered to the voice of my husband, who said he had been at work all morning! It was now 9:30am. This has happened several other times since then, and I don't know what to make of it. I always hear the front door open and close, and the foot steps in the kitchen. Sometimes they continue into the hall past my bedroom and even go into the bathroom. I always leave my bedroom door open, but I have never seen anything abnormal in the hallway. I haven't been able to get much background about the apartment, except that it's very old and has been here since the 70's or 60's.

Submitted from: Unknown, Utah, United States of America