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Psychic Son

My son seems to have an "understanding" of the spirit world. 3 incidents come to mind straight off:

1. We were in Germany touring a castle and because we did not speak German we stayed to the very back of the group so as not to disturb the other tourists. Our eldest son stayed in the very back dabbling around (he was only 6) when he shot through the crowd like a cannon and damn near knocked over two of the other people. After apoligizing a great deal we asked our son what was his problem. Well he looked like he had seen a ghost and this is what he said,"We just walked through a set of those double doors, and me being the last one just stayed for a few extra seconds. When I closed the doors and took a few steps a heard a noise (none of us heard it and we were only 3-6 feet away) when I turned around there was a King and Queen in their robes and 2 soldiers with swords behind them." When I asked him 'Where did they go?', his eyes got real big and he said they went down three steps and then disappeared. Just Gone! We have gone back to Germay twice since then and he WILL NOT go back in to that castle. He is now 15.

2. When my son was 7, my brother committed suicide. My son was in school in Georgia and my brother lived in PA so we arranged for a neighbor to sit with him while my husband and I attended the funeral in PA. Shortly after, because of my husbands job, we had to move to Pretoria, South Africa. One night, about 6 weeks after we got there, in the middle of the night our son come flying into our bed and right under the covers. This was very much UNLIKE him. He seemed like he could not get close enough to me. He would not talk about it and we could not talk him into his own bed. In the morning we started talking about it and I guess because it was day and things aren't so scary he was willing to tell me about it. He said he was sound asleep and all of a sudden there was a creak by the way of the door. Our other son shared his room and did not stir. He said he sat up and looked and standing there was my brother. I was quite taken back and started to ask questions. I finally asked him "What was your Uncle wearing?" He described the suit and tie right down to the tie clip. This is strange, for my brother was a biker and my son never saw him in anything else, and the suit was purchased for this one sad day. It was something. I tried to explain that his Uncle would never hurt him and that he should not be afraid. We talked aobut it for awhile and he seemed to be alright with it.

3. About 6 months after the last incident, my son woke up one morning and said that his Uncle had dropped by on him again. This time he just stood by his bed and then up at his head and then left. I have always had very vivid dreams of my brother. My son and my brother are two of a kind. Both have the only brown eyes in all my family. And their blood type is the same rare type. I think my brother is my son's Guardian Angel.

Submitted from: Unknown