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Evil Wall

My experience started when I was about 16, in a house my family lived in in the Adelaide hills. There was one area that always 'felt' wrong, and sort of scary. It wasn't in just one room, but seemed centred within the actual wall between two rooms. The first trouble I noticed was in my dreams. I would dream that I had woken up, and was in my bed, unable to move. I had the feeling that I had to really fight to break the paralysis, it was an immense struggle. I needed to break my paralysis because at the same time, there was the feeling of something coming from the area that felt so wrong. If I managed to break free of my paralysis this feeling of something advancing would disappear. This dream happened once or twice a week for years. I hated the feelings of helplessness it gave me, in fact I used to get very angry. So what I tried to do was to time my struggles so that I would actually break my paralysis just as whatever was coming down the hallway arrived in my bedroom. I wanted to somehow catch it and hurt it. I never managed to catch it, but I did see a glimpse of it twice. It was short, twisted, humanoid and had a 'melted' look to it. Needless to say, I was convinced that these were just your typical anxiety type dreams, and not really evidence of a haunting.

Then one of my friends, who was very sensitive to strange things started to describe what I had been seeing in my dreams. His description of it matched exactly what I had seen, which shocked me severly. He had noticed this entity a few times before when he had visited my house. He warned me that he believed it was trying to get inside me whilst I was asleep. I was even more shocked when other members of my family admitted that they too had awful feelings centred in the same spot. I was even more convinced by the behavior of my dog, as they are meant to be good indicators of this sort of thing. My dog was very friendly, and would follow me around everywhere, but would not go near those rooms that this wall divided. If it was called it would come in reluctantly, look very uncomfortable and then leave straight away. My best friend had spent some nights over at my house and had been put up in one of those rooms. He later admitted to me that he'd had several sleepless nights where as soon as he turned out the light and lay down he would have the sensation of a spider crawling on him. He would get up, turn on the light and search his blankets and find nothing. As soon as he turned the lights off again, he would get the same sensation. This happened over and over.

My sister later told me that she had come home one day and seen a figure standing in the window of one of the rooms that was effected. When she got inside there was nobody and nothing there. My dreams stopped the day we moved into a new house. Afterwards I had sort of learnt to see these things too. When some friends told me about bad feelings in their own houses I visited and could tell exactly where they were talking about and describe clearly the physical shape of any entities they had seen. This always shocked them, but made them feel better that someone else could see, without even a hint of a description, exactly what they had seen. It was as though the years I had spent wrestling with my own haunting had made me more sensitive.

Submitted from: Adelaide Hills, Adelaide, Australia