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One night my friends and I were chilling. We were talking and we heard something or someone running up and down the stairs. I didn't have any pets. We went over and looked at the stairs, but we saw nothing except black. Later on , my and my mom and I moved and I read a book about ghosts and there was a black lady who wears black clothes and goes up and down stairs. I went to my grandma's house to see if I would hear the footsteps. I did then I turned around and there was a ghost in all white with it's mouth wide open screaming and said something that sounded like help. This is not a lie. One time my friend Mogan was over and she went to throw something away. The trash can is on a platform next to the stairs and there is a door that seperates down stairs from upstairs. I shut the door and locked it and she was stuck down stairs and she saw something at the bottom of the stairs - a white thing that looked at her and started to come toward her. She opened the garage door where my grandma was and came back in the front door. I opened the door and looked around, but I saw nothing. One evening I was sleeping and I opened my eyes and a spot in my bed started sinking in the shape of a butt. I was scared to death that my bed was sinking, and I scooted all the way over to the other side of the bed, turned around and went to sleep.

Sumitted from: Unknown, United States of America