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Ghostly Knight

When I was nine, I was on a Brownie camp in Midsummer.  It was Halloween night, and above the bed in which I was sleeping there was a skylight.  As the lights where being turned out, I looked up at the skylight and saw a very pale man in Knight's armor looking down at me.  Looking closer, I noticed he was also holding a sword and was standing staring straight down at me.  I was very scared, and as I called everyone else to look, it just disappeared.  Everybody else thought I was making it up as I was 9, however I was not imagining it.  In fact, there was definitely something there, and Charlotte, one of my best freinds, witnessed it too.  Other strange things happened that night...for instance the skylight kept opening by itself, and at the time no one was there who could have opened it.

Sumitted from: Unknown, England