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Bathroom Ghost

One night I was sleeping over at my best friend's house, and we were down stairs surfing the net. You know - a guy's night talking about chicks and who we want to beat up...stuff like that. My friend Josh didn't believe in ghosts at the time, but I was a very big believer. We were supposed to be alone at the time, but heard footsteps upstairs. Then not so long after, we heard his mum's voice tell us to sleep up stairs. We obeyed and brought all our sleeping gear, to find that nobody was home. I myself could not believe what had just happened and Josh just chose to ignore it. We decided to sleep upstairs thinking that downstairs was haunted. Why we thought that I don't know. Anyway, we went into his room and watched some TV. Later that night when we where asleep, I woke up to the sound of his parents ariving home.  I heard the door open and then heard them talking and then went back to sleep. About an hour later, the phone rang and Josh told me to get it. I picked it up and found that it was Josh's parents.  They apologised for the late call, and told me that they wouldn't be coming home tonight.  I told Josh of what had just happened, and of course he didn't believe me and went to sleep. I, on the other hand, couldn't get to sleep and about twenty minutes after the phone call I heard the shower start to run and heard voices coming from the bathroom, then footsteps from the bathroom into our room.  I looked out of my blanket and saw his mum, but in really old clothes. Then the freakiest thing of the whole night happened...I saw Josh as a ghost. I was frozen and straining to talk. I finally found the courage to move and woke Josh up.  He took it calmly and decided to call his girlfriend.  As soon as she picked up the phone, he screamed help as loud as he could and the ghost literally disappeared. We stayed up all night and soon as daylight came, we ran out of the house and went to mine. Josh has told of me of many other occasions when he saw or heard the ghosts.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia