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Racheal's Story

"Guys You have a ghost",Racheal announced. "Go On", I said (jealous that she had experienced the tale to be told.)

Two nights ago, I was having trouble sleeping (Racheal was living on our couch). I was just laying there staring into the darkness when I heard footsteps coming down the hall from your bedroom. I thought Dan was walking down the hall naked because I saw a person actually walking and making movement sounds, but he was completely shadowed. Then what he did made me realise that it wasn't Dan (or if it was Dan then he's doing strange things). The form stopped moving, only inches from where I was laying. The dark form turned, as if about to enter Kate's room. He then bent down and peered through the key hole, as if he was watching her sleep. I closed my eyes, for some reason I was scared shitless. I opened them, the dark form was still there crouching, looking through the key hole. He began to straighten his posture. Again I could here his movements and then he grabbed the doorknob to Kate's room and was trying to open the door. I could't hear the struggle, but it looked as though he really wanted to get into that bedroom. The dark form then gave up, turned and walked up the hall.......

"Night 2"

I was lying on the couch, again not feeling the slightest bit tired. It felt like I was waiting for a bus. I heard the footsteps again. I saw the dark form walk down the hall. Once more hearing his movements. I knew then it was a ghost. I layed there, motionless. I could feel this anger and urgency in the air. He stopped outside Kate's door and again he knelt down to stare into the keyhole, watching Kate asleep. I pulled the covers over my head. I then fell into a very deep sleep...

"Why didn't you tell us after the first night?" I asked Racheal. "Cause I really thought it was Dan sleep walking, or I was hoping it was Dan," Racheal replied. I immediately told Des (our resident(trainee) Wiccan High Priest). "Seance," Des replied. Maybe I should tell Kate, I thought. "I'm not having anything to do it," Kate said.

I will add that I was not for a seance of any kind, due to many past experiences and being plagued by spirits that had become attached to me, but I went along with this one because something pretty strange was happening.


Kate took off down stairs. Des, Racheal, Dan and I set up to make contact. I told Des that if I felt worried we were to abort at all costs, he agreed. We made contact and were given a message for Kate "Just checking up on you, you're in trouble" and we were given a name. I went downstairs to explain to Kate that this was real and serious and there is a message for you. She laughed asked me to tell her the message. I told her then that there is a name, she asked for the name. Her face went white (which I was expecting), she then began to cry and cry and cry. Kate asked us to stop and we did. Seeing her so upset and not really knowing why? We took other precautions and he never returned. When Kate settled down, she told us that the name was that of her first love as a teenager, who died in a car accident when he was 17. No one in the house knew Kate very well at that stage. She grew up in the country. No one in that house grew up with her. No one knew anything about this time in her life. We all handled it well, except for Kate. She ended up in alot of trouble. You see, she didn't want to know the warnings. She actually was being sent warnings of trouble and she didn't want to know......BELIEVE IT OR NOT.....

Submitted from: Unknown