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Miner's Wife

This happened about 3 months ago at my boyfriends parents place. My boyfriend and I had just arrived home from going to the city to play pool with friends.

I got ready for bed while my b/f set up his bed in the computer room at other end of the house. I got into bed and turned off the light. As soon as I lay down in the dark I heard what sounded like footsteps outside the door. I knew that it was not my b/f or anyone else in the family as they were all asleep and the door was locked and there was no way anyone could come in without me hearing.

Then I suddenly felt like there was something standing next to to my side of the bed. I was filled with fear but didn't look. About a minute later I opened my eyes and looked and saw this shadow on the wall and could make it out to be an old lady wearing clothes from about the 1950's. They looked a bit torn and she looked sad. She just stared at me and I was still scared but I gradually lost the scared feeling. I pulled the blanket over my head and about a few minutes later fell asleep.

In the morning I told my b/f about it and he said he had seen her too in the past few weeks and he looked at the wall where the lady was standing and there was a hand print on the wall that looked like blood or mud. We both knew that we hadn't done the print as the hand was small and ours are big and that no one else could get in.

I decided that maybe she was showing me that she was really there that night as I told myself that she was not real. It turns out that when the area used to be a coal mine, there was a lady called Elizabeth and her husband who used to live in a old cottage which was located a few houses away from where my b/f lives. What happened was one day her husband went off to the mine and she went to call him for lunch and went to look for him, and as she entered one of the mine tunnels it collapsed on top of her and killed her. Apparently since then, she has been going around Collingwood Park looking for her husband and watching over young people at night in their rooms to make sure they don't get hurt.

I still feel a pressence when I go into his bedroom.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia