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Mystery Chef

This happened to one of my father's friends. He trusts her dearly, so he trusts that it is true. This woman lived on a farm, and got up around 5 in the morning to do her chores before work. On her way to the kitchen, she smelled saugage, eggs, toast, and coffee.. She walked into the kitchen and found a dirty plate with silverware and a coffee cup on the table. She walked over to the stove, where she found a frying pan. She felt it and it was still warm. Her coffee was on and half full of coffee. Wondering who was in her house so early in the morning eating her food, drinking her coffee, dirtying dishes and not washing them, she decided to get up the next day even earlier to catch the person. The next day she awoke an hour early, 4 am, and started to walk into the kitchen, again she smelled the breakfast she had the day before. When she walked into the kitchen, she saw a white haired old lady all dressed in white - a lady she had never seen before. She asked the lady "what are you doing here?" The woman never answered, then the lady asked "Who are you?' The old woman turned and looked at the lady, got up, glided past her, and out the door. The young lady ran to the window as fast as she could. she saw the old woman once more. The woman glided down the driveway and disappeared. She was never seen again.

Submitted from: Unknown