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Castle Treasure

Originally, I was born in Canada. However, my parents are both Italian. Two years ago I was given the opportunity to visit my mother's home town, in Sicily. During my one-month stay we visited a castle. It is apparently over a thousand years old, and there is a legend behind it. The people in town believe that 13 people must enter the castle at night to look for hidden treasures. According to legend, the Normans lived in the castle and left a treasure of gold and riches. Now here's where the scary part comes in. If all 13 people go in to search for the treasure, only 12 come back. The twelve that come back will be extremely rich.

Now how do I fit into this story? Well I don't, but a relative of mine does. Now I'm not sure, because I cannot remember too clearly, but it was either an uncle, or my great grandfather. He had a dream one night that someone approached him. This person told him to go to the castle and to bring 12 other people. The mysterious person told him that he would find the treasure and that he would become very rich. Unfortunately, 1 person would have to be the human sacrifice. This relative of mine did ask 12 people to go, but everyone refused out of the sheer fear.

So my friend, that is my story. It may not be that interesting, but I seem to like it alot.

Submitted from: Ontario, Canada