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Grandfather's Return

I was about 11 years old (I am 16 now), and my family was very distressed about the death of my grandfather passing away two days eariler. It was around 2:30am, and I remember being woken up suddenly with a jolt. I had turned to my beside table to check the time. Sleepy eyed and weak from such a restless sleep, I turned over and tried to get back to sleep. But a strange feeling came over me as though I was not alone and another presence was in the room. I turned over to face my beside table once more, when I saw a greyish-brown smokey outline of someone kneeling next to my bed right beside me. This outline looked somewhat like a fat, but happy man I remember, because of the position of the eyes and outline of what looked like cheeks. Startled and VERY scared by what I was seeing, I called out for my parents. Only when my parents reached the door of my room was the figure totally faded away and gone. It didn't ever move from its position, just sat and looked at me. I had never met my grandfather and he died before I could meet him, although after asking my mother in the morning what he looked like, it was very much to the description of what I had seen the night before. Well, the outline of him anyway - what I saw was not very detailed. He was a very sad man when he was alive though, and made many mistakes as to what he said and did to those who he really loved in life. I believe he came for me to know that he was aplogising and happy now. I have never told anyone apart from close friends about this, and I haven't felt that I should tell my parents as they already seem to know he is happy wherever he is. I have not seen anything of this kind since.

Submitted from: Unknown, Australia