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Graveyard Spectre

2 years ago,me and about eight guys that lived nearby were bored as hell, so we decided to go hang out at a graveyard. It was close to Halloween, and we wanted a little scare. We started going every night, just to hang out. We found a stage thing in there that had a roof, kind of like a picnic shed (I think it was for funerals when it was rainy), so we would go sit there. One night, my friend Anthony and his girlfriend had a fight, so they left their house and went off alone to sort things out. As they had not returned after a few hours, we decided to go and look for them. Seeing as we went to the cemetery almost every night, we figured that the graveyard would be a good place to look. The search party set off from their house and consisted of three people - Bryan, Ken and myself. We arrived at the cemetery, and the stage was about a ten minute walk in, so we slowly made our way there. Just as we approached the stage, I saw something that took my voice and breath away, as well as giving me an unbelieveable feeling in my stomach. I tried to tell the others but nothing came out, so I grabbed at them with my hands. There, in front of us, we all watched as a patch of mist began to take form from out behind a tombstone. Within seconds, the mist had thickened into a perfect human form. From its sides, two long tendrils began to stretch out, forming what appeared to be arms, and the figure began to rush towards us at an increasing speed. We all just stared in amazement, mostly because we couldn't move, and after we came back to earth we ran like hell out of there. Another of our friends, Logan, was at home that night about a quarter of a mile from the cemetery, and all three of us ran the whole way to his house. This was not a terribly great accomplishment for Ken and myself, but Bryan has extremely bad asthma (he can't even get on big rides at the fair), and he had no trouble making it the whole way. We haven't been back to the cemetery since, but always wonder what we witnessed that night, and whether whatever it was still lurks there waiting for others to wander in and discover it.

Submitted from: Unknown, Canada