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Spooky Glowstick

A few months back, my friend and I went to a roller skating party, which was no big deal. While we were there, we both got these aqua-blue glow sticks, which were really cool. My friend (Jess) slept over that night and we were in my room, and it was around 1:00 am. We were awake listening to music and talking, and I turned out the light in my room. I began to simply swing my glow stick around as I was talking to Jess. She started to freak out, and asked what "that" was. I was confused and replied "what are you talking about?" She said, "what's the thing following your glow stick?" I looked at it, to find that there was this pinkish ball shaped blob following my glow stick. I got this weird sensation, and flicked on the light in my room. Everything was normal, so I turned out the light again and swung around the glow stick, only to find the blob following again. The even odder thing is, we tested it in other rooms, and the blob was either very faint or not there. Now, I am sure there is some explanation for this, but I became paranoid and threw out the glow stick. I would like to know what was going on, because I have been paranoid about this. My closet is also the coldest room in the house, but my mother tells me it's only because the one air conditioning vent is in there, which makes the summer. What about winter? Why would it still be cold? This may be easier to explain than the odd incident with the glow stick. but I endeavour to find a reasonable explanation for all of this.

Submitted from: Unknown, United States of America