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"La Perouse"

Me, my brother (Sal), my brother's friend (Steve), my cousin (Bill), and other cousin (Joe), were all on our way back from a great night out in the city (Sydney).We decided to go for our regular drives, around the vicinity of the area before we headed home. So we took a ride to an area named "La Perouse". Now this place is !#&!! ing dark, has lots of houses, and one huge cemetery.We saw a sign to the right that said "SCENIC LOOKOUT" and an arrow pointing right. We said okay cool, so we turned right, going past a few factories, and to our left,we could see parts of the cemetery (the trees were covering most of it).The road got thinner, and it got darker, and the road was filled with potholes and dips. We turned left on the next bend, and it was nearly 4am with no one around. It was just about dead dark, and there was parking on the left, so we parked our car. We took the keys out of the ignition and walked out.We walked a few metres and were at the lookout, but could barely see the water from the darkness.The terrain on the left was a hill about 15 metres high. Behind the steep hill was the end of the cemetery. On the right there was more parking and a dead end. We were just talking, and looked towards our left (for no apparent reason). Arising from the top of the hill was a GHOST. It was a woman, with her arms out, and she was floating down the hill. She was wearing silky white clothing, and I didn't really remember her face (she had dark hair).We were looking at each other, and we said "LETS GET OUT OF HERE"! She kept floating down the hill towards us, and just as we were running to the car, I saw something just in a millisecond, enter my friend's body (Steve).

It was basically like a flash. We put the keys in the ignition, and just like out of a horror movie, the car wouldn't start. She was still floating near the bottom of the hill towards us. Then finally the car started. "GO MAN GO," I shouted, and Steve sped off. Steve at first was reacting fairly normal for someone who had just seen a ghost. But minutes later, Steve's attitude really changed, as did his physical appearance. His eyes were basically turning red, from deep brown, to a pale red. I just looked at my cousin on the back-seat, and he saw it too. Steve was driving like a maniac - he went through red lights, took corners at 100km per hour. He would look at us from the rear view mirror with his horrific eyes, and he didn't show emotion, just a kind of evil/scared look. I couldn't take it anymore, so I just shut my eyes hoping it was a dream....but it wasnt! When we arrived home, Steve was normal again. It was kind of like a possession when I saw the flash enter his body.

That is not the only thing I've seen at haunted "La Perouse". There is an historic building in the area that is closed. Me and my friends walked to the large green door, and the building is made of stone.On the step of the door there was a gift rapping, like a Christmas present. I thought it was dumb, but I opened it anyway, and inside was a dead pigeon full of blood, and all these creatures were eating its insides. It was sickening, and this was many weeks before the GHOST scenario. I promise to my Lord that this is all true, and I am a definate believer of ghosts, and other scary stuff.

Submitted from: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia