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Ouija Experience

BGH would like to comment that we do not endorse the use of ouija boards by those who are not totally aware of the risks they are taking. Just as is set out in the next story, ouija boards are not toys, nor is their use any kind of 'game'.

I was a at a party with about 20 girls there. The host had a ouija board which was pretty cool, as it glowed in the dark and it had neat hand writing on it. Only 4 other girls and I dared to play it.We went into a dark room to play the game. We went to a closet (it was a very big closet, because we were in a mansion), near the bathroom. Now, as soon as we started the first question was, "Spirit are you there?" I cracked up. I was laughing so hard I cried! It was so funny how she said it! With that, everybody else kicked me out of the closet. 10 minutes went by, and I heard footsteps coming from the room I was kicked out of. Then the girls appeared - they were white and one of them was crying. I asked what was worng, and they said something was in the room! I just laughed. I thought they were trying to scare me, and they weren't doing a very good job. But when I saw how scared Sara was, I knew it wasn't a joke. So I got the guts to go in with my best friend, because if I was going to die then she coming with me. I opened the door and the room was a mess! I heard a sound that would make your hair curl. It was a sound of a woman singing a song that didn't sound to nice. She sang louder as we came in the room and nothing was there but the sound. That's when my friend freaked out and left me. I looked around and saw the ouija board and picked it up and I got a skock. I slowly started to back up, when I saw an orb and I totally freaked, running back to where the girls were waiting.. They asked me what I saw, and I shakily told them. We never went in that room again. For all I know, the ouija board is still in there.

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