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The Mistress's House

This incident happened about 2 years ago. It was the most frightening, but one of the most funniest things that has ever happened to me. One of my friends was asked to look after a house while the occupants went on a holiday. My friend decided that he would invite 4 of his friends over which included myself his girlfriend and 2 other fellas. He later told us that the owner was a mistress which had a sort of dungeon. Anyway, the night we all stayed my friends where all hearing footsteps downstairs and throughout the house. This happened again in he morning. We all started to get a little worried and decided to leave to get some breakfast, while one of my friends decided to stay and play the Nintendo 64. By the time we got back, he was outside the house with a knife and a huge stick and repeated to say that he will never go in that house alone again. Nothing happen until about lunch time when we all decided to go get some lunch down at the shops again. One of the other friends decided to stay alone this time. Once again when we got back he was outside saying the same thing that he would never go back in that house again because he heard running and doors slamming even though he shut them all and made sure they where closed, but he said they all opened and slammed shut again. I heard none of these things at all and started to give them all hell over it. We all stayed again that night and my friend who was looking after the house jumped out of his chair like a cat (with his stick) and ran across the other side of the room and said he heard footsteps out on the balcony. Nothing happened else that night, and I continued to give all my friends lip about being scared. When morning came, I decided to go down stairs and jump on the trampoline. After about half an hour the other two fellas decided to join me. I got tired and decided to go back inside when I reached the stairs and heard the couch going up and down with other noises and whispering saying "shhhh he's coming" repeatedly . I was listening for about 15 seconds and raced out to the fellas and said, "Hey, those dirty bastards are having sex while we are down stairs." My mate said, "Which bastards?" as the other two had left 15 minutes before! From then on, we decided fuck it - the house can look after itself!

Submitted from: Cairns, Queensland, Australia