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Guardian Spirit

I used to live in this two story house about 2 years ago, and would hear these footsteps in the kitchen. These sounds have been happening since I could remember. The sounds only happen when you are alone and no one else is in the house. My family would just tell me it's an old house and old houses make noises. However my brothers and sisters also lived in the house and would hear the noises and would agree with me that it is someone walking through the kitchen. The history of the house is unknown to me... all that I know is that we got the house moved near to the city. This wasn't all that happened. About 6 years ago a guy that lived with us had his room downstairs, which is also the only bedroom down there. One night he had his door open and he said that he saw a misty light standing at the door. The next morning he told us about his encounter. My two sisters that shared a room said that about 2 weeks ago they saw something roaming around their door which began to float into their room. They noticed it and screamed and it disappeared. To this day when I talk about it to people and go into full depth I feel like I need to burst out and cry. It also happens when I hear other people's ghost stories. I don't know if it's just me or if it happens to alot of people.

Also, when my sisters moved away into their own house, one of their friends was staying over with his mum. That night she passed away in her sleep. About a month after her death, they noticed strange things going on. My sisters told me that her spirit looks over them. She said that one time she was taking a shower and could feel someone watching her and she took no notice. Many other people have said that they have felt someone watching over them when they entered the house. She also said to me that downstairs at their house they had a boxing bag and they would hear someone punching it. When they went down to see, it would stop. The night that really scared her was at my house when one of her friends were over. They left one of the rooms in the house, turned off the light and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When they got back to the bedroom the light was switched on and one of her perfumes was sprayed all around the room. They have now left the house and have moved on, but to this day they can feel someone watching over them.

Submitted from: Unknown