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About four or five years ago, my sister rented a house in Ipswich with about two other friends. This house was a medium set brick home, which had had many changes done to it since the first owners lived in it. It was probably about fifty years old. Anyway the first experience happened when my sister came home one time and went to go to bed. She was awoken by her friend asking if he could sleep in her bed instead. With much swearing her friend left. Later on she was awoken once again by someone pushing her arm just like her friend had to try and wake her up before. Without opening her eyes she told her friend to piss off but the pushing wouldn't cease. She opened her eyes only to find no one there, she looked under the bed and all around, decided she was just dreaming and went back to sleep only to find a couple of minutes later someone was feeling her leg, up and down, up and down. They stroked it from her ankle up to her knee then it stopped and she went back to sleep. Nothing else happened that night.

My sister and her friends came up with the name Louie for the ghost because they presumed it was a man after seeing him many times standing at their bedroom doors. There was such a good feeling about him they said, that neither of them were scared. They came up with that name because after talking with neighbors they found that one of the first residents of the house was an old man named Lou who died of old age in the house. My sister owned two single chairs and a double seated chair which were situated in front of the TV. There had previously been a fire place beside the TV as you could see the attempt of putting wall paper over where the bricks had been so there was a different pattern wallpaper in the outline of a fireplace. Anyway, everyone who lived there knew which chair was Louie's favorite or in the same spot where he used to have his chair when he was alive. They knew this because they'd be sitting in their chair watching TV (it would only ever happen in the exact same chair) and suddenly their chair would start to sink in as if someone was sitting on top of them. They'd constantly hear footsteps in the hallway. One time my sister and a couple of her friends were in the TV room when they heard a "click" which was the sound of her stereo being turned off as it was already playing. Everyone home was sitting in the TV room so it could have been no one else but Louie. One of her friends swore at him saying "Louie! will you turn the f#@%ing stereo back on!" nothing happened. "F#@*in hell Louie" still nothing happened. Joking around my sister said, "Don't talk to him like that!, Louie could you please turn my stereo back on thankyou?" (NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING TO HAPPEN) "CLICK," and on goes the stereo.

One more incident she told me was when a friend of her's came over not expectedly and when he walked inside he heard very loud talking and laughing in the kitchen which he couldn't see because a door was blocking his room to the kitchen. Trying to walk quietly expecting to surprise who he thought was my sister and the other people living there, he sneaked up to the door and swung it open saying "SURPR........". When he opened the door the talking and laughing stopped and nobody was in sight. He ran out of the room into a vacant room and sat on the bed shivering, and smoking a cigarette very fast facing away from the door. My sister must have heard him, because she woke up and looked into the room where her friend was and saw the state he was in, so she creeped up to him and went "BOO! GOTYA F@#*ER!" Well she say's you couldn't describe the look on his face! They moved out of the house in almost a year but not because of Louie. My sister moved home for a while and the first night she was here Louie had followed her home and stayed with her in her bedroom. She knew this because once again she got the feeling of someone pushing up and down her leg. After that night he left back to his house, or just hasn't bothered us here anymore.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia