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Roadside Apparition

I have never in my life so much as even fathomed the concept of ghosts until October 9, 2000. I go to college in a small town in Georgia. We are about an hour out of Atlanta. A friend came over to my apartment on the 9th. For some reason we started talking about ghosts and of course I found humor in it because I have never believed in such a thing. There were some guys over that night and one of them even said he had experienced the presence of one. The girl that was there asked me that if she could prove that they do exist would I give in to the fact that they are real. I of course said sure, IF YOU CAN PROVE IT!! She took me and some other people to this road where a boy had gotten run over years ago. There is a sign there that signals a stop sign is up ahead. The sign is yellow. This marks the spot where he died. When we were comming over the hill we saw the sign at which point we turned our car lights off. A few seconds later a perfect human figure walked in front of the sign. You could see the figure because it was a black shadowy figure and it reflected in front of the bright yellow sign. I thought it was our car going through the street light glow and casting a shadow over the sign, but it made a perfect human figure (you could even watch his knees bend when he started to walk). I have tried to think of some logical explanation but I just can't think of one. Tell me what I saw and if it is a ghost what is it doing here? There is a picture in your photo gallery at a campsite and a ghostly figure is leaning over a person sleeping. What I saw favored that but much darker and standing straight up.

Submitted from: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America