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Resident Spectre

I was just twenty years old when I bought my first house. My parents came house hunting with me and we found a lovely old Queenslander at Northgate in Brisbane. When the real estate agent took us through for a look, on a very hot February day, I was very surprised at how cool the inside of the house was (it actually made me shiver). I didn't have any strange feeling about the place, it was very welcoming actually. I signed the papers and moved in within the month, with a very good friend. Not long after we moved in, strange things started to happen, although not to me. The first day we spent scrubbing floors and walls, unpacking boxes and moving furniture around. Needless to say we went to bed totally exhausted. In the middle of the night my friend came running into my bedroom yelling something about a man standing in the corner of her room staring at her. I tried to calm her down, to no avail. We turned on all the lights in the house and went to her room. She refused to go in, so I ventured in first. Just as I suspected her room was empty, but she still refused to sleep there that night even though I told her she was probably over tired and having a bad dream. She slept on a mattress on the floor of my room. After 1 week of this so called man staring at her, she moved out. My sister decided to move in, as she didn't believe in such things. My sister lasted 2 weeks. She didn't like the way the man in the room stared at her for hours on end. Finally, I got married and my husband moved into the house.

That's when I noticed things happening all around me. For instance, the kitchen kettle would turn itself on, boil, and turn itself off (but it was never plugged in at the time), and if we were late arriving home at night, we would find every light in the house on (the house was locked up tight). My husband was a big drinker and we argued a bit because of this, and our ghost didn't like it either. After a tiff one night, I was sitting in the lounge room watching television when my husband came in and sat down next to me. He went to put his arm around me when every window in the house slammed down, one after the other, starting from the back sleep-out up the side of the house, across the front and down the other side. Then the curtains in the lounge room started billowing out and in. I got up, went over to the curtains, pushed them back against the wall and they stopped. Just as I sat down again on the lounge the t.v made a loud banging noise and the picture went out. It was at this time that our 9 week old puppy started howling and stratching furiously at a spot of carpet in the hallway. The room was icy cold the whole time, and it was a bit eerie. Not long after that, my husband rang me at work one night to tell me he'd just seen a dark figure walk from the nursery room to the front bed room (where my sister and my friend had stayed). I also saw a man leaning in the doorway to my kitchen just watching me. Well, I found out a bit about the house we lived in. There was a man called George who built the house and lived there till a very old age. When he got too old to take care of himself, a woman with 5 sons moved in to help him. Unfortunately, they stole all his money, beat him up and left him bleeding to death in the hallway of our house. He died on the way to hospital. We stayed for 12 months then decided to move. That wasn't my first encounter with the other side, but it was one of the most memorable.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia