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House Guest

My fiance comes from a very Catholic family and doesn't (or didn't!) have any belief in the supernatural. One night we had gone to bed and I was sound asleep. We had been on a ghost tour to the Boggo Road Gaol the night before and that night I was convinced I could see a series of lights flashing from left to right across the bedroom wall then disappearing. Our only window opens up onto a big back deck and there are no neighbours behind us, so there are no lights. Our bedroom has 2 doors, one opens onto the hallway (our house has polished floors), and the other is a sliding door which opens up onto the bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom is a similar door, and a third sliding door is just to one side of the others and goes to the toilet. Anyway, I was exhausted from staying awake watching the lights the night before , (which Colin (my fiance) was convinced was my imagination running wild after the gaol tour), so I was sound asleep.

Colin tells me he heard a sliding door open and assumed it was my brother using the toilet - he lives in the rumpus under the house, so occasionally comes upstairs to use the facilities. But a second door opened and Colin realised it must be the 2 doors leading through the bathroom into our bedroom. His eyes had been closed but he suddenly opened them. Next to him (on his left side, which is the side of the window) he saw a dark figure. The figure appeared to be looking out the window, and turned towards him. Terrified and thinking it was an intruder, he brought his leg up towards his chest and kicked out as hard as he could.... nothing. I then woke up and he was blubbering, like he was talking in his sleep like he often does, but to this day he swears black and blue he was wide awake. Convinced enough he was that I came home from work one day to find he had moved all our stuff into one of the spare rooms, he couldn't stand the other room.

We slept sound for quite awhile until I was at my parents' house for the weekend, and Colin heard footsteps down the hall to the doorway to the new room, but then stopped (my brother was with me at our parents house). He kept his eyes closed this time but could feel eyes penetrating.... He didn't sleep at all that weekend.....

Another time, my mother and stepfather were on their honeymoon in Tasmania and went to Port Arthur on a day trip. My mother said she was walking through an old building and there was a staircase leading up to more rooms, but the staircase was chained off, as it was unsafe. They had taped their holiday and mum was watching the tape a few months later. She saw a lady dressed in 1800's clothing walking up the staircase, and at first though nothing of it, thinking the woman was part of a parade or an actor, but when she remembered distinctively that the staircase was a wreck and was chained off, she got a very chilled feeling. She hadn't told anyone until recently. Unfortunetly we can't find the video now...

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia