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Haunted House

I grew up in Victoria and am now living in Brisbane. But the story that I will relay happened when I was a young boy living in Victoria. It was around 1983 when my family of four moved into the house. For the first two years of our presence, there was another presence! A ghostly figure would move from the bedroom down through the hallway and to the front door and then back again the same way. My sister was the first one to see it - she awoke in the middle of the night once to find something was staring at her. She described the figure to be a man with a long overcoat and suit underneath, and a 1930's hat on (inspector gadget look), and he had a biege coloured glow. His hands were in his pockets and she could not see his feet. She said that the more she looked the harder it was to make out details, as it was a real blur to look at. My brother was the second one to see it. One day Mum had some family friends over and they were sitting in the dining room with her and my brother was in the lounge watching T.V. The frosted glass screen door to the hallway was closed. Suddenly, my brother jumped out the of the chair, and said "What the F--K was that?" He then explained to Mum and her friends that he saw a figure from the corner of his eye slowly float past the glass door to the front door, when he turned his head to see what it was, it slowy came back past and up the hallway. My brother was a real sceptic, but this event frightened him for a long time. It was nearly two decades ago but every time I try to talk to him about it, he avoids the subject.

My mother experienced strange things in the house too, her bed shaking, switches turning on and off. She also claims to have seen it during the nights go past her bedroom door, in the same floating motion that my brother had seen. My mother was a bad cigarette smoker back then (forty a day), and her cravings would wake her up in the middle of the night. She had a habit of staying awake with a smoke in one hand, and book in the other, and always left her door open. A self proclaimed psycic friend of ours walked around the house and reassured us that the spirit was not evil. She did not speak with it but she felt he was connected to the house in some way and couldn't except that he was dead. Continuing on with Mum's account, she had a friend over to visit one afternoon and was telling her about the strange happenings around the household. Our friend did not believe her and said that there must be some sort of explanation. And then right before her very eyes, the kettle switched on by itself. Her friend was spooked, however she did not leave straight away but when she did, she didn't come back for about twelve months. I never personally saw it but I always felt a presence. And before I heard any of these stories I was always afraid of walking up the hallway at night, even with all the houselights on. Mum used to leave the toilet light on so we didn't trip over in the dark. It shone all the way down the hall into my bedroom (across from my sisters'). Sometimes I would awake at night hearing footsteps coming down the hall but as they got closer and I looked up at the door there would be no one there. I also once vividly remember somebody tapping me on the shoulder. I was frozen with fear and never looked around to see what it was. Even now I get a cold shiver thinking about it. After about two years, everything stopped and we never saw or heard the ghost again. In my opinion maybe he had moved on.

Submitted from: Unknown, Victoria, Australia