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Possessed Kermit

I know this is probably no big deal, but I thought I would email my story to you anyways. When I was 11, my two brothers (at the time they were 10 and 8) and I were in our room acting like we were camping. We had Christmas lights as our fire and a sheet over the bunkbed as a tent. Well, as we were playing we heard a noise by the end of the bunkbed and as we turned around my brothers and I witnessed a stuffed animal (it just happened to be kermit the frog), slowly walk it's way up the ladder of the bed and as it reached the top it fell to the floor. My brother states that he saw a black hairy arm walking kermit up the ladder , but I beleive it was a black shadow. No one else was in the room and the door was closed. My brothers and I were standing at the wall across from the ladder nowhere near it. As soon as we saw it, we yelled for our mother and still to this day we remember it clearly and she does not beleive us. A few months later, we were left home alone by our parents at 4:00 in the morning because they delivered newspapers. I awoke hearing banging noises on our windows and a heavy wheezing sound in our room. I awoke my brothers to see if it was one of them making the wheezing sound and it was not, the noise could still be heard. I called 911 and a police officer came to the house but I was too terrified to move. When I wouldn't come to the door the dispatcher called and told me that no one was seen. The scary part is my mother had a flower bed that was about 4 feet wide that ran around the house and if it was someone then the flowers would of been trampled, because the person would have had to step in the flowers to get to the window. The wheezing noise stopped after the call from the dispatcher and was never heard again.

One day we were playing with our friends and my brother happened to say that we had a ghost in our room. Our friends being between the ages of 11 and 15 decided that they wanted to see the ghost, so my brother told them that it stayed in the closet during the day. He told them to go into the closet which was pretty much empty except for a box on the floor and some puzzles on the self, and closed the door. Not 30 seconds after they went in, two of the girls jumped out and ran out of our house to theirs. The next day we were told by their mother that one of the girls had seen a person in white light and the other had felt a hand on her shoulder. Their mother told us that we had a poltergeist and that the girls were not allowed to play at our house anymore. After that we moved and nothing happened again.

Submitted from: Indiana, United States of America