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Dad's Return

Im 13 almost turning 14, and people usually dont believe my story. 7 years back my dad passed away. About 3 years back, I went to shut the blinds in our Living room area. The window looks out over my back yard, and it might sound funny but I saw my dad out in the back yard kind of like a clear view of him sitting by a fire with a tent and he was roasting marsh mellows. I looked at him, and he looked back. I closed the blinds then reopened them and he was gone. It was like he came back to tell me that everything will be ok! And you know what? I am not scared any more! I believe that there is another side beond us. My Grandmother and I share our stories and expiriences, as we are very close. One night, she heard 3 knocks on her window and the she started tossing and turning while she was in bed. It was like something was pushing and warning her to get up. Then the phone rang, and it was my mum. She said that my dad had died. Now every time she hears 3 knocks on her window someone very close dies and it has happend quite a few times. My Grandmother has heart desese and the other night she was lying in bed on her back, and she started gasping for air. Suddenlly she heard a voice behind her saying TURN ON YOUR LEFT SIDE! She looked behind her as she thought it may be my grandfather, but it wasn't. Anyways, she turned over and she could breath again. Two nights after, the same thing happened, and she was ok again. She had always said it was her Angel, her Saviour. I have more stories but it will take a while, so I'll leave you with this. Hopefully one day people will believe.

Submitted from: Melbourne, Victoria, Queensland