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My Pop Bob

This happened 3 years ago when my Pop passed away on the same day his father did. i was very upset, however ten days later we had the funeral for him. At the end of the funeral I said good bye to him, and there was a strange cold feeling behind me. I turned to see why this cold feeling had come over me, and I saw my Pop just standing there like a statue. I said hello, but nothing happened. I blinked and he was gone. Three weeks later I felt dizzy at school, when all of a sudden I collapsed. I saw a wierd place that was dark with a big bright light. I thought that I was dead, but then the light closed and everything went black. Finally I woke up and I was in hospital. I had suffered breathing problems like my Pop, which I thought was really wierd. Five weeks later in the morning, I sat down to watch cartoons and a ghostly figure materialised in front of the TV. I then fell to the ground having a fit of some sort. Then again two weeks later I was delerious and saw so many things, including my late dog Jojo. I decided to go and see a councillor who said, "You obviously have problems." Two days later I used a ouija board and asked why I was so wierd all the time. The ouija board jumped from the floor and hit the wall, and after that I have always taken my life seriously - however I have started to attend spiritual classes to learn much more.

Submitted from: Unknown