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Invisible Car

One night my neighbour had been driving home from work pretty late. Just before he turned into our street, he stopped at the stop sign. There was nobody else in the street. As he stopped, there was a loud bump and it felt like another car bashed into his, but he looked out and there was nobody there. He decided to have a better look. When he walked to the back of the car, he saw that there was a huge dent at the back of the car. Just as he saw this, two bright lights like the headlights of a car shone in his face. But again, there was not a car in sight. He told the police and they said that those types of accidents had been happening lately, but not as bad as it happened to him. He also said that some nights he had heard car doors slamming and when he looked out the window there would be nothing there.

Submitted from: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia