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My parents baught a home 21 years ago, when I was 4. When we were looking at the house before purchasing it, the lady said that the older woman who owned the home had died in this house. My father giggled, saying, "Oh great, we are buying a home with a ghost in it." As I was only four, hearing this made me scared. My father told me it was a friendly ghost named George. We received some newspaper clippings from my grandmother, which told of a house that used to be across the road that looked exactly like our home, which had a reputation for being haunted. So of course, me and my sisters freaked out about this. We lived there for 6 years before we experienced a ghostly presence. I was 10, and me and my sister (who is 4 years older than I), were at home while my parents were at a baseball party. It was mine and my sisters first time alone at home in the evening without a babysitter. It was approximatly 9:30pm, and my sister told me it was time for me to go to bed. As I went to walk up the stairs (always being afraid of the house because or George), I slowly walked up the stairs afraid like always.

As I got to the top of the stairs, I looked down the hallway into my mum and dad's room for no reason. As I looked down into their room, I could see someone standing there. I froze for a moment to focus my eyes...and I could still see someone standing there. This person slowly turned around and looked at me. I screamed and ran downstairs to tell me sister. She didn't beleive me. even though I tried to convince her. While we were arguing, we both heard a crash, like something fell upstairs. My sister looked up at the ceiling, looked at me, and told me to stay there. She walked up the stairs. I heard her walking up the stairs and she got as far as the top, screamed, and came running down the stairs. Now she believed me. We both took each other's hand and walked up the stairs. We looked down the hall, and the figure was still there in the same spot. It looked like he was, or she was, leaning over my parent's bed. We stared, and my sister said, "Hello?" and the person slowly turned and looked at us, then disappeared. Of course, that freaked me and my sister out.

We stayed downstairs for the rest of the night until our parents came home. When they got home, we told them what had happened and what we had seen. They told us that it was only our imagination. A few weeks later, my mother saw the same thing while she was in bed - a person standing over her. It continued for awhile, then it stopped. I guess George wanted us to know that he did exsist!

Submitted from: Ontario, Canada