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Sister's House

About 8 to 9 years ago, I rented a house from my sister in a suburb of Sydney, called Guildford. While living there, on two occasions, I was confronted by the notion that ghosts may exist. I am fairly open minded when it comes to the supernatural, however I have always had difficulty accepting stories told by others as true. Even now as I think back, I find myself uncertain, thinking that what had occured may have been anything other than a ghost.

I was woken early one morning by my two year old daughter. I can't remember what she said or what noise she made, but initially there was nothing to suggest anything out of the ordinary. I went into her room and picked her up walking her out. As we neared the doorway she said, "Who's that Daddy?" I said, "Who's what Beck?" She continued pointing to the middle of the room toward her bed, "There Daddy, who's that there in my room?" I looked to where she was pointing seeing nothing. I felt scared and anxious. "There's no one there Beck". She again said, "Who's that person there Daddy?" This completely freaked my out, and I returned to my room with my daughter. Another night my daughter woke and I picked her up and put her in my bed. I returned to her room and very tired fell asleep. At the time, my mind was completely focussed on my demanding role at work. It was a Japanese company in the early ninetees when they were world leaders. I woke later that night, and drowsy, I saw a man in his thirties and an old woman moving slowly in the room both standing near my bed. The man was wearing a business shirt without a tie. He had dark slick hair like in the early sixties. The woman was short and fat with grey hair in a tight bun. They seemed to be concerned with me being in the room, but were not angry. They seemed to talk to each other without saying anything, without their mouths moving and without looking at each other. I went back to sleep, I think, and woke the next morning only remembering how real it all seemed.

Another time I heard footsteps in the kitchen, so real that I and my then wife both looked at each other at the exact same time and whispered 'someone's in the kitchen.' I called out to my neighbour thinking he had come over and got up to have a look. I walked into the kitchen to find the back door locked and no sign of anyone. We both had no doubt as to what we heard, a quite distinctive and familiar sound of someone walking on the wooden floor of the kitchen. We moved out after nine months living there. We didn't dwell on these occurences, however, as they were simply a few isolated instances. There were of course other times when we would hear noises or find things moved but we would always put them down to other causes. Nine months later the people who moved in after us moved out. My sister said they had asked her, "Is your house haunted?" Apparently the little boy had experiences (which I can't fully remember), with ghost-like encounters. I recounted my stories to my sister as I had never discussed them with anyone up until then. We realised that coincidently we had rented there for nine months as did our replacements. My sister then worked out that our predecessors had also stayed for nine months and she then informed me they said they thought the house had a ghost.

When my sister got married, she and her husband decided to move in. Concerned by these ocurrences she had a priest perform an exorcism to put her mind at rest. I didn't attend it. Apparently the priest said he did not believe a spirit was there at the time. My sister said she had a few minor thigs happen like doors opened in the bathroom vanity when only she was home and in the shower. She was not concerned and did not feel like the house was a threat. This story is true by all accounts and can be verified by all those I have mentioned. I still wonder that any one could believe it and I myself still doubt at times that it may have been linked to anything supernatural.

Submitted from: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia