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A Father's Love

We are two 18 year old girls, who recently moved into an old cottage which we were planing on renovating. We were happy to get the house, because it was so cheap. One night when we were watching a movie, we thought we heard someone in the bathroom which was the next room. We slowly got up and opened the door, holding a weapon to protect ourselves from the intruder. When we entered the room, the door slammed shut and the lights went out. The drawers banged open and closed, and the curtains were opening and closing. The taps were turned on, and the top cupboard was opening and everything was pulled out. We could hear a strange and far-away shrieking. Hayleigh instinctivly switched the light back on and everything stopped.

A few nights later, we were eating dinner with a few friends. Suddenly, we all heard a great racket on top of the roof. It sounded like possums playing, but then we all saw rocks falling from the roof and down past the windows. Other rocks were being thrown at the window, yet we could all see that NO ONE was outside. This went on for about 1 minute and then the rocks seemed to run out.

That night we made our boyfriends come over and stay with us, as we were really scared. That night, Nicole's boyfriend got up to go to the bathroom leaving her alone in the bedroom. When she opened her eyes, roused by her boyfriend's clunking in the bathroom, she could hear heavy breathing, and when she fully opened her eyes she saw the face of an old man with a long beard staring right at her. She screamed and her boyfriend came running back into the room, seeing no one.

Afterwards we moved. The day we were moving, we had loaded up our two utes but we couldn't find the keys. It was very strange because we both just had them in our pockets. We searched everywhere in the house only to find them in Nicole's room on the window seat. We thought this was strange but we got the keys and left.

6 weeks after we moved, we were telling our friends about the strange disappearance of our keys. One of our friends, Hugh, who's in real estate, told us that the house was built by an old man in 1923. He recommended we should search the town library for some information. We weren't very keen on the idea, as we were hesistant to remember the occurances, but curiosity eventually kicked in and we had a look. It turns out the old man was Patrick Dipendal. He built the house for himself and his 18 year old daughter. He had actually killed his daughter brutally in her bedroom when she was sleeping.

Later on we found out that the next tenants had found the diary of the duaghter in the same window seat as we had found our keys, but the diary was located under the boards when the tenants removed the seat. Coincidence?

Submitted from: United Kingdom