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Angel's Visit

I was living with my boyfriend when I was about 19, and he was an alcoholic. Sometimes when he drank too much, he would get very strange and he would see things and talk to people who weren't there. This particular night, we were sitting on the lounge and he started to stare at me - his eyes looked different as if it was someone else. I could hear a growling sound coming from him, but not with my ears (if you can understand that). I turned to face him and said, "Get away from me and don't even look at me." Then he calmed down like he was back to his normal self, and I tried to get him to go to bed.

I picked him up, but he would keep falling to the floor. We eventually made it down to the hallway, and he walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror saying, "I can see you, ha..ha," at his reflection in the mirror. I thought ok... then put him on the bed, but for some reason he wouldn't be near me & kept flipping off the bed.

Eventually I went to sleep, only to be woken at about 2am by his snoring, so I went out to the lounge with a pillow and blanket and layed there with my kitten on my chest. Next thing, I saw a white light in the hallway. It was about a foot off the floor and about 2 inces off each side of the hallway and nearly touching the roof. It was probably 7ft tall, and it looked like a head, shoulders and cloak with no real definition. It looked like it was blocking the hallway for some reason, but for some reason I wasn't scared. I looked at the cat, and it had no reaction to the figure, so I kept closing and opening my eyes to see if it would go away. After about 5 minutes it was gone and I was instantly terrified. I ran down the hall & shook my (then) boyfriend and said frantically, "There's a light in the hallway, there's a light in the hallway." He didn't open his eyes, and replied before he woke-up - "What, the angel?" But when he finally came to, he didn't remember what he had said. My theory was something got into him that night, and that I was meant to be out of the room. This white figure was protecting me from something.

Submitted from: Unknown