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Video Sightings

Last week, I was watching a movie on TV with a friend of mine at out college at University. We were having a few problems with the static so that could have been the cause of this, but it just seemed too wierd. At sporadic intervals, a face seemed to be superimposed onto the screen over the picture of the movie. It was very strange as the movie was about volcanoes and was hence very colourful and bright, and the face was in shades of grey. We originally thought the face might be from one of the other stations, but when we flicked around the other channels there was nothing of the sort on them, even when we stayed on them for an extended period of time. The face appeared to be that of a woman, and she gradually turned her head from the left to the right. Later on in the movie, when the face hadn't appeared for a while, we saw the door of the room very clearly on the screen which was strange as the lights were out in the room so it couldn't have been reflected. Furthermore there appeared to be a figure standing in front of the door looking at us. We saw all of this on the screen. Needless to say, we were getting pretty freaked out at this stage and turned the lights on and switched the movie off, and the images on the screen disappeared. I don't know what happened, but I'd like to think it was channel interference...but I can't explain the figure near the door.

Submitted from: Unknown