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Phantom Strangler

I am a great believer of the supernatural and have read your site and I think it´s great, so I want to tell you about my experience. I had been living in an old stone house in Brisbane for years, and I had never had any reason to believe it was haunted. It was a family house and there had never been any reports of ghosts from people who had lived or stayed there. But one night, as I was on the verge of sleep, I felt my hair which was plaited and lying across the pillow, being pulled slightly. I was facing the wall and didn´t think of turning my head to see what it was. In fact, I didn´t think much more than that I had imagined it. The pulling stopped and suddenly I felt two cold hands around my neck. They pressed tighter as I struggled to free myself. I tried and tried to pull my hands up to my throat but they seemed rapped in the sheet. I felt like I was close to death and my breath was slowly becoming shorter. The sensation lasted about 30 seconds before I had enough strength to yell for my mother who came running. As she entered the room she switched the light on and the feelings left me and my breath returned. There has been no explanation found to answer for what happened, and I remain firm that the house is not haunted, and that spirits can sometimes pass through houses on their way to somewhere else. Nothing else has since happened in that house.

Submitted from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia