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Western Australia

Fremantle Ghost Walks

Fremantle Ghost Walks presents: two fascinating and intriguing ghost tours through the darkened streets and buildings of Historic Fremantle.

TOUR 1: Ghosts of the Asylum

"Ghosts of the Asylum" takes you on a one hour guided tour through the grounds and buildings of the Fremantle Arts Centre. Built in 1867 it was the colony's first asylum for the insane, and was later converted (1909) into a home for elderly women. It also saw service during World War two as communications base for the U. S Navy.

Visitors to the building have often reported experiencing strange phenomena. Cold chills across the sides of the face, footsteps heard along the corridors and unseen hands stroking the backs of their necks. Some have even claimed to have seen shadowy figures in the courtyards, while others have felt the presence of an old women said to walk the corridors nightly. These are just some of the many things that people have experienced over the years. To hear more, and perhaps encounter something yourself: book a date with the "Ghosts of the Asylum".

Visitors gather at the main gate and await their guide. After a brief history of the building visitors will proceed into the darkened grounds (if you dare!). From there, on through the gothic splendour of the building itself. Lit only by a single kerosene lamp your guide will recount the experiences of those who have encountered the many ghosts that have given the Fremantle Arts Centre it's reputation as one of the most haunted buildings in Australia.

TOUR 2: Ghosts of the West End

"Ghosts of the West End is Fremantle's original Ghost walk. Now in it's forth year it continues to be extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Book now for this one hour walking tour of Fremantle's historic West End.

You will visit ten different haunted buildings including the old Round House, the colony's first prison and permanent building. You will also find out why maintenance work is done with desperate reluctance at the Town Hall.

Also stories of strange sounds coming from the cellars of Fremantle's more notable hotels and unexplained happenings in popular restaurants. So meet master story teller Alex Marshall under the town hall clock and delve into the darker corners of the of the West End for a fascinating and spooky journey through Fremantle's dark history.


By phone on (08) 9336 1916 or through the Freemantle Ghost Walks hompage at

Adult: $15
Concession: $12
Child: $10